How to Go About Forgotten National Insurance Number

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Much of the time Clarified pressing issues (FAQ)
Could I have the option to Find My NI Number Online?

You can check your public protection number using your electronic Individual obligation account or on the HMRC Application. Right when you go electronic, you’ll be represented a couple of requests, regardless, to certify what your personality is. Loosen up accepting you can’t get into it on your most memorable undertaking, you can endeavor some other time.
How Might I Address Someone at Public Protection?

Public Protection General Enquiries

Telephone: 0300 200 3500 (Public Insurance requests)

Other Telephone: 0300 200 3519 (Textphone)

Telephone: + 44 191 203 7010 (Outside UK)

Site: customs/contact/public insurance enquiries-for-agents and-individuals

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How Might I Get My Public Protection Number?

You can notice your public protection number:

    On your payslip.
    Actually take a look at your P60.
    On letters about your cost, annuity, or benefits.
    In the Public Security your very own piece business ledger.

Step by step instructions to Get a Lost Public Protection Number Through Cutting edge Means

If you don’t have even the remotest clue about your Public Insurance number, the speediest and most clear strategy for noticing it is:

    Online through your own evaluation account
    On a report, you at this point have, for example, a payslip or P60

HM Pay and Customs (HMRC) won’t tell you your NI number by means of phone. Expecting you call them, it can expect up to 15 days to get a letter insisting your Public Insurance number.

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Alternate ways of getting your Public Protection number on the web

If you have a singular record, you can sign in to:

    View your public protection number
    Print a letter from HMRC with your NI number on
    Sign in to your own business ledger:
    Using Government Entryway
    Using GOV.UK Check

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