Health Ministry wants 30% control over admissions into nursing schools – Minority reveals

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The Ranking Member on Parliament’s Health Committee has called for the immediate withdrawal of an alleged directive to Colleges of Health which seeks to reserve 30 per cent of admission spots for government to fill.

According to Kwabena Mintah-Akandoh, the government has also asked the schools not to admit more than 50 per cent of their capacity.

The directive, the lawmaker explains that it is due to government’s inability to pay allowances.

He also alleged that the government plans to populate these educational facilities with unqualified protocol students.

“Part of this new administrative directive requires nursing training institutions to reserve a minimum of 30 percent of their total admissions for the Ministry of Health to complete. The processes by which the Ministry expects to admit trainees into training colleges are currently undisclosed.

“And we see this new directive as an attempt for government to clear a path that makes room for protocol admissions for party apparatchiks, people with deep pocket and those who under normal circumstances will not gain admissions to these training colleges,” he said on Monday.

The Juaboso legislator continued that “This we believe is a recipe for the unbridled corruption that has recently characterized all admissions into government institutions, be it police service, military recruitment, teacher training schools and now nursing training colleges.”

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