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Bragging?, Sarkodie is my small boy and he knows it – Samini fires again

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Following Sarkodie’s purposeful refusal to answer to his Whatsapp texts and SMS’ – Samini went all put on Twitter to get down on his partner for being prideful and self-important.

As per Samini, Sarkodie is the kind of individual who will be on your neck when he really wants something from you, however when the case is turned around, he goes into in disguise mode.

During a meeting with Andy Dosty yesterday, Sarkodie apologized to Samini for disregarding his texts in spite of the fact that he asserts it’s not purposeful.

Samini was called to recount his side of the story to make equilibrium and that was gen he portrayed Sarkodie as his little kid.

As boasted by Samini, Sarkodie resembles a lesser to him in the game in light of the fact that, before his rise, he (Samini) was a worldwide brand.

A video gathered by GossipMotion.com clearly speaks volume as her video currently trends number one on social micro blogging platform Instagram.

Samini Said:

“If you message him, it will take him forever to respond and Kwaw Kese even said it earlier. So, I concluded that that is how he is. He is not my friend like that and he can attest to it. I did everything he asked me to do on time and I expect that my principle towards work is that you should let me know whether you can or cannot.

Sarkodie did not try for me. He did not try for me and he knows it. Sark you are my small boy. Sark was one one the boys that said in his raps that he wants to blow up and become like Samini. Ask him. My guy, don’t play,” he fumed

Narrating how his feud with Sarkodie began, Samini added,

“This whole thing started on Twitter last night when I asked fans to ask me questions, they would want me to answer. One of them came with the question about whether or not I will work again with Sark. So I said point blank that I don’t think I’ll need a verse from Sark and if he ever does need one, I’m not going to ever do it. I know the person is a Sark and a Samini fan and want to see us collaborate. I have a few instances where Sark has disrespected me but I didn’t bring it in public. But how Sark fans have risen on Twitter and disrespecting me is crazy. At 41, I don’t have to let anyone feel special in their corner. When Sark sent love rocks, I did it under 24 hours and sent it to him.

“Another time, he sent another when I was in South Africa, I did it and sent him the verse. When he sends me a WhatsApp message, it doesn’t takes me more than five minutes to respond. Because I did more than one features for him and he decided to put one out, I felt he could also return a favour so I hit him up over a song. I sent him three songs and he chose one. I told him it’s the last single on the EP. We spoke in April and I was supposed to release the song in May. that was the last time I heard from him and anytime I send him a message, there’s a blue tick,” he added.

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