A Lady rain curses on a man for pressing her

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The embarrassing moment was captured on camera and has been made available online via social media.

In the video, a seductively dressed woman seems to be getting the attention of the public as she makes her way through a busy street.

Most men were attracted to her but only watched as she passed them by.

He succeeded in doing so, but the angry lady turned and rained curses on him.

A video gathered by clearly speaks volume as her video currently trends number one on social micro blogging platform Instagram.

“Social media can make it easy to find groups of like-minded people or make new friends. Finding a close-knit community can help us feel valued and accepted.
Social media is also an easy way to nurture existing relationships with family and friends who have moved away.” clearly speaks as her video currently trends number one on all the social media platform .

Kindly watch the video below:
Click here to watch

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